Laminating & coating machines are used to seal the finished printed product, which is fed into the machine with a protective layer. The protective layer is usually made of plastic film. Laminating is done to protect printed documents or for embellishment. There are three common types of laminators: heated roll laminators, cold roll laminators and pouch laminators, of which the latter is mainly used in an office.

Heated roll laminators
A heated roll laminator uses rollers heated by the machine itself to melt glue that has been placed onto the laminating film. The lamination film is applied to a substrate which may be either a paper or card using pressure rollers. Heated roll laminators vary in size. Heated roll laminators used for the industry laminate a number of things, such as paperback book covers, magazine covers, posters, cards and postcards as well as other applications.

Cold roll laminators
Cold roll laminators use a plastic film which is coated with an adhesive and glossy backing. The glossy does not stick and once removed, the adhesive is exposed, so it will stick directly onto the item which requires laminating. This kind of laminating is suitable for items which could be damaged by the heat of the heated roll laminator.

Mekes Graphic Machinery supplies used laminating and coating machinery from a range of brands, such as Billhöfer, Tauler, Foliant, Komfi and others.