Saddle stitchers are used for saddle stitching, which refers to a very popular book binding method in which folded sheets are gathered together one inside the other and then stapled through the middle fold line with wire staples. For this binding process, the loose sheets of printed pages that constitute the magazine are draped together over a saddle-like holder (explaining the term saddle stitching). The wire is fed into position, cut to a short length, bent into shape and staples are driven through the pages and bent into shape.

At Mekes Graphic Machinery, we sell saddle stitchers from Muller Martini, Hohner, Heidelberg and Stahl. There are many different models, like 1509, 321, 335, Muller Martini Prima, Muller Martini Bravo, Muller Martini Primera Tempo etc.

Every saddle stitcher has a chain, horizontal or vertical feeders, a cover folder feeder, stitching unit and a trimmer. As delivery you can find a shingle delivery belt or a compensating stacker.

A saddle stitcher can have various options, like ASIR signature recognition system, AMRYS automatic make ready system, 4th/5th knife attachment for production of 2up, oblique sheet control and so on.

A booklet maker makes the same end product, but works different. It collates loose sheets stitch those in the middle and the fold on the stitch line. A booklet is any small number of pages commonly saddle-stitched or thread sewn. Booklets often utilize a self-cover. Booklets are used for instruction manuals, promotional literature and so on.