Machinery List December 2020

01 December 2020


Head office: Venneveld 1 | NL-4705 RR Roosendaal | Tel.: + 31 165 564040 |

Ronald Mekes Owner/CEO + 31 6 531 452 34
Ronny Wouwermans Sales Director + 32 473 82 39 37
Léon Lagrand Sales Director + 31 6 830 415 00
Marc Canals Director de Ventas Spain + 34 679 41 20 30
Claudio Scotto Direttore Vendite Italy + 39 339870 4618
Richard Dance Sales Director United Kingdom + 44 77883 67069
Bernard Meunier Sales Manager France/Algeria + 33 787 02 24 18

16632 Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH82-442 used all buckle folding machine 82x116 2007 Immediately

full automatic level II, suitable for 16 pages, pallet feeder, touch screen with operator guidance, automatic fold roller settings and motorized buckle plate settings, 1st unit with 4 combi buckles, 2nd unit with 4 buckles, 3rd unit with 2 buckles, anti-noise hoods, Heidelberg SBP46H vertical delivery with pressing unit

15295 Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH66/48 used all buckle folding machine 66x128 2006 Stock

rotary feeder, 1st unit with 4 buckles, 2nd unit with 8 buckles and HHS cold glue system with 6 guns, SPH 70 single delivery with pressing roller, extra: possibility to put in the first unit a ROBATECH hotmelt glue system with one nozzle

16349 MBO K800.2/4 SKTZ used combination folding machine 78x120 2007 Immediately

CLEANED, pallet feeder, vacuum sheet infeed and sheet alignment system VIVAS, navigator machine control with touchscreen, anti-noise hoods, retractable slitter shaft, 4 buckles, turnable KTZ unit, 1 st cross fold knife, additional buckle after 1st knife, 2nd cross fold knife, pump, no delivery

16184 MBO B30/444 used all buckle folding machine 76x112 1992 Stock

suitable for 16 pages, rotary feeder, 1st folding group 4 buckles, 2nd folding group 4 buckles, 3rd folding group 4 buckles, without anti noise hoods, counter, no delivery

16366 MBO K79/7KZ used folding machine 81x150 1985 Immediately

round pile feeder, anti-noise hoods, control MS, 4 buckles, 2 cross fold knives, delivery belt

15431 MBO K74/4KTL used combination folding machine 74x105 1982 Stock

flatpile feeder, 4 buckles, 2 cross fold knives, 1 side buckle after 1st knife, single delivery

15637 Binderhaus used creasing and folding machine 2014 Immediately Option

to fold covers with flaps, Heidelberg flatpile feeder with Tremat suction head, Vinderhaus R50/14 DUO creasing system, Baum folder folding unit with 4 buckles, single delivery

16572 Petratto Batfold used creasing, perforating and folding machine 2011 Immediately

feeder, 1 creasing head, 2 folding pockets, gatefold buckle, delivery belt

16408 Horizon AFC-744 AKT used folding machine 2003 Stock

pile feeder until 750 mm., automatic set up, touch screen LCD control, 100 jobs memory storing, 4 buckles, 2 knives, side buckle (24 pages), gate fold buckle, belt delivery, press stacking and bundling until TST 37

16268 Palamides Delta 703 used automatic delivery 2011 Stock

CHECKED AND CLEANED, Palamides Delta with counting device, automatic delivery system with integrated banding system, with paper rolls 50 mm and automatic welding system, up to 600 cycles/min., pressing capacity up to 3,5 tons, automatic size recognition, antistatic device, from 1 to 3 up production, can be used behind folders and saddle stitchers

15998 Palamides Alpha 500 used stacking delivery 2004 Stock

CLEANED AND CHECKED, stacking delivery

16403 Palamides BA 700 used stacking delivery 2000 Immediately

waste sheet ejection, pressing unit with pre and main pressing, short setting-up time

15506 Palamides BA 900 used automatic pressing delivery 2000 Stock

CLEANED, wrapper, stack and paperband fits to folders/saddle stitchers, 4-up production, waste sheet ejection, pressing unit with pre- and main pressing, short setting-up time

13386 Stahl SBP 80 used vertical delivery 1982 Stock

with pressing unit

15514 Stahl MKE 86 used marking device 1990 Stock

marking device

12442 Stahl MKE 86 used marking device 1988 Stock

marking device

12489 Stahl MKE 66 used marking device 1986 Stock

marking device

16667 Eurofold 235-311 used folding machine Immediately

CLEANED, 2 buckles, pump, belt delivery

16437 GUK used seperate knife folding unit 2002 Stock

seperate knife folding unit

15509 Heidelberg MCT used connection box 2008 Stock

connection box

15510 Heidelberg MCT used connection box 2008 Stock

connection box

15507 Heidelberg S25 used connection box 2008 Stock

connection box

15508 Heidelberg S25 used connection box 2008 Stock

connection box

16140 Ferag Unidrum used high speed stitcher 2005 Immediately

6 feeding positions, 6 streamfeeders, 2 bundle clamps Agrama with crane system, rotary trimmer, Gammeler ZL810 stacker, double strapping machine, shrinkwrapper, Segbert palletiser (2013)

15340 Muller Martini Primera A110 used saddle stitcher 2009 Stock

CHECKED, CLEANED AND INSTALLED in our workshop, equipped with 6 feeders model 1555, cover folder feeder model 1529, trimmer model 449, delivery belt, pumps

15296 Muller Martini Prima Plus used saddle stitcher 2004 Stock

CLEANED, 6 feeders model 370, cover feeder model 1529, SEMKO thickness control, stitching unit with delivery to the rear, 2 stitching heads, trimmer model 449, no pumps, no delivery

16158 Heidelberg ST400 used saddle stitcher 2004 Immediately

2 horizontal feeders TAL400, 3 vertical feeder TAS 400, 1 cover folder feeder UFA400, 2 stitching heads, Trimmer TR400, Stacker Rima

16407 Horizon Stitchliner 5500 used bookletmaker 2005 Immediately

only 7.8 million books made, 3 Horizon VAC-60H collator, 1 Horizon VAC-60A collator, conveyor ST, ST-40 stacker, ACF-30 accumulate and folder, SPF-30 saddle stitcher with 4 Hohner stitching heads, TB-30 trimming blower for the dust, HTS-30S three knife trimmer, PST-40 stacker press, belt delivery

15896 OMG Sincronos used streamfeeders (2x) 2000 Stock

with Olympic extensions

16363 Muller Martini Rapido 7525 used compensating stacker 15x48 1999 Stock

compensating stacker for books and magazines, with belt delivery to the left and right

16412 Muller Martini Pratico used compensating stacker 1995 Stock

compensating stacker for magazines, belt delivery to the left

16384 4 double universal bases for Muller Martini Tempo saddle stitcher Stock

for Muller Martini Tempo saddle stitcher

15240 double universal base for Muller Martini Bravo, Prima and Prima Plus saddle stitcher Stock

for Muller Martini Bravo, Prima and Prima Plus saddle stitcher

15441 center cut device suitable for Muller Martini Presto Stock
16399 3 x mini-infeed for connection Muller Martini 3738 to Muller Martini 370 Stock

3 x mini-infeed

15408 Muller Martini 1564 used delivery belt Stock

delivery belt

16056 hole punch device for calendar production for Muller Martini Presto E90 Stock

used hole punch device

15512 Brehmer 103 used single head stitching machine Stock

single head

16448 DeLuxe StitchMaster SM CE 2125 used wire stitching machine Stock

wire stitching machine

15645 Polygraph 103 used single head stitching machine 1955 Stock

single head

15080 Bostitch used wire stitching machine Stock

wire stitcher machine

15406 HK249 used eyelet stitching heads (4) Stock
15439 HK249 used eyelet stitching heads (2) Stock

16099 Meccanotecnica Uniplex used sewing line with PRO sewing machine 2015 Immediately

inline gathering and book sewing machine with a max. speed of 12.000 cycles/hour, handfeeding station, 20 stations gatherer MX4, Aster PRO sewing machine, Dual GigaLynx recognition control, universal stacker

16525 Meccanotecnica Uniplex used sewing line with Aster 160 sewing machine 2003 Immediately

max speed of 9.600 cycles/hour, 6 stations gatherer MX, automatic loading system, Aster 160 sewing machine, stacker

16575 Meccanotecnica Multiplex used sewing line 2005 Immediately

18 stations gatherer, 1 sewing machine Aster 180/42 from 2005, 1 sewing machine Aster 220c from 2008, 2 Plus stackers

16683 Muller Martini Ventura 3215 used sewing machine 2008 Immediately

with only 9.600 production hours, touch screen monitor,
signature feeder, 4+4 opening possibilities, stacker delivery

16673 Wohlenberg Sprinter 7009 used gatherer 2009 12/2020

handfeeding station, 12 stations gatherer, criss-cross delivery

16182 Wohlenberg ZTM 460 used gathering machine 1987 Stock

CLEANED handfeeding station, 15 stations 460, criss cross, pumps

16567 Muller Martini 3692 used gathering elements 2016 stock

2 elements of each 4 stations (8 stations in total), ASIR 3 signature recognation

15108 Muller Martini 3696 used gathering element 2009 Stock

for extension of existing gatherer to Bolero/Alegro/Corona, 2 twin feeders (= 4 stations), ASIR signature recognition system

16404 Kolbus 1 element of 4 stations ZU 804 used gatherer  2006 Stock

1 element of 4 stations

15850 Muller Martini 1536 used criss-cross unit 2001 Stock

suitable for connection to a Muller Martini 1571 gathering machine

15490 Muller Martini 3715 used reject delivery 2007 Stock

reject delivery

16271 Muller Martini Alegro A7 used perfect binding line 2015 Stock

32 million books produced, 11.700 hours, full automated perfect binder for small to medium runs with Motion Control Technology for extreme fast change over times, handfeeding station, 12 stations gatherer 3694, ASIR 3 signature recognition system, reject delivery 3715, setup element 3641, binder with 19 clamps, milling and roughening station, hotmelt spine glue unit with Premelter, VPN PUR spine glue nozzle system with Robatech PUR MOD35 premelter, preheating station for PUR or hotmelt, drum cover feeder, 2 nipping stations, laydown delivery, conveyor system, drying tower, Muller Martini Orbit full automatic three knife trimmer, Muller Martini CB-18 compensating stacker, optional: Solema Fastbook bookbloc feeder with autoload loader, Muller Martini 3502 book splitter with turnover belt and by-pass system

16526 Muller Martini Bolero B8 used perfect binding line 2007 Stock

CLEANED, 28.443 production hours, 21 stations gatherer 3693/24″, ASAC self adjusting caliper control, ASIR 2 signature recognition control, reject delivery 3614, endsheet gluer for tipping endsheets 3648, spiral race way 3641, jogging element 3643, trenn element 3646, book bloc Solema Fastbook with Autoload, binder with 26 clamps, milling station, 2 separate spine preparation units, 1st Hotmelt spine glue with Premelter, 2nd Hotmelt spine glue unit with Premelter, Hotmelt side glue unit with Premelter, gauzing station, drum cover feeder with flap folding device for inline flap folding, 2 nipping stations, laydown delivery, conveyors with emergency delivery, Muller Martini Merit S three-knife-trimmer: 29.920 production hours, Muller Martini CB-16 compensating stacker, BDC Book data center to transfer automatically book dimension to the binder, optional: SCS Easyfly frontcutter our ref. MEK16528 and Solema Pluton palletiser our ref. MEK16530

16325 Muller Martini Acoro A7 used perfect binding line 2003 Immediately

CLEANED, 2 handfeeding stations, 12 stations gatherer 1573, Muller Martini 3614 reject delivery, Muller Martini endsheet gluer with Nordson Hotmelt, Bookbloc feeder for sewn book blocs with Solema Autoload, Acoro A7 22 clamps, milling station, 2 spine preparation units, Hotmelt spine glue unit with Premelter ICS-A C80, Hotmelt side glue unit with Premelter ICS C18, gauzing station, drum cover feeder, nipping station, laydown delivery, conveyors to tower 45 meters, emergency delivery, Muller Martini Merit S three knife trimmer from 1999 with right infeed, Muller Martini Uni model 1534 from 2003

16590 Muller Martini Acoro A5 used perfect binding line 2008 Stock

CLEANED, handfeeding station, 14 stations gatherer 1571, all fitted with the small book attachments and special gripper fingers for 4 page sections, ASIR 3 signature recognition, MM 3715 reject delivery, Acoro A5 20 clamps, Hotmelt spine glue unit with Premelter, Hotmelt side glue unit with Premelter, Muller Martini VPN Nozzle System Robatech Premelter, drum cover feeder fitted with Ansy system, 2 nipping stations, laydown delivery MM Merit S three knife trimmer, MM CB16 compensating stacker

16206 Muller Martini Corona C13-35 used perfect binding line 2004 Immediately

14 bases, 12 horizontal feeders 3681, 1 card gluer 3681, ASAC automatic self adjusting caliper control, reject delivery 3614, 35 clamps, infeed into binder, milling and roughening station, 1 x Hotmelt spine with freestanding Premelter, 1 x Hotmelt side with freestanding Premelter, stream cover feeder, 2 nipping stations, laydown delivery, conveyer system with escape delivery, Zenith S three-knife-trimmer with cutting cassetes, CB16 compensating stacker

16560 Kolbus KM 600 used perfect binding line 2011 Immediately

handfeeding station, 16 stations gatherer ZU805, signature recognition system, reject delivery AS805, automatic raceway height adjustment, infeed into binder, binder with 21 clamps, milling station, 2 spine preparation units, Hotmelt spine gluing with premelter, Hotmelt side gluing, PUR spine glue pot with rollers and Nordson Premelter, pile cover feeder RA49A, 2 nipping stations, laydown delivery, conveyor system, Kolbus HD143P three knife trimmer, Kolbus XKL300 compensating stacker, book measuring device, Kolbus Co-Pilot with touch screen

16675 Wohlenberg Quickbinder PUR used perfect binder 2009 12/2020

handinfeed, milling station, 5 clamps, PUR spine gluing, cold glue spine gluing, Hotmelt spine gluing, Hotmelt side gluing, cover folder feeder, nipping station, vertical delivery, conveyer belts with escape delivery, Trimtec 45i three-knife-trimmer (year 2002)

16674 Wohlenberg Quickbinder PUR used perfect binder 2009 12/2020

handinfeed, milling station, 5 clamps, PUR spine gluing, cold glue spine gluing, Hotmelt spine gluing, Hotmelt side gluing, cover folder feeder, nipping station, vertical delivery

15281 Horizon BQ 270 used perfect binder 2007 Stock

1 clamp, milling station, hotmelt spine and side glueing, cover feeder with scoring rollers, LCD touch screen

15871 CP Bourg BB3001 used single clamp perfect binder 2001 Stock

Hotmelt spine glue tank with 2 rollers, milling station, LCD control panel, cover feeder and cover nipper, delivery belt

16500 Tecnau Libra 800 VT used Real Book On Demand line 2012 Immediately

binder Libra 800 VB to include book block conveyor, binder, cover feeder, cover scoring, soft cover feeder, soft cover scoring, fast cover unit, pc controller, three knife trimmer Libra 800 VT including waste exit conveyor, conveyor Libra 800 CS from binder to cooling tower, cooling tower, coneyor from cooling tower to three knife trimmer

16569 Muller Martini Frontero used Front-cut Trimmer 2007 Stock

factory rebuild in 2016, efficient production of brochures with gate-folded covers in a single pass, feeder, front knife, by-pass conveyers

15791 Horauf SN140 Demand used automatic three knife trimmer 2008 Stock

CLEANED, handinfeed, colour touch screen, complete format changes in 3 minutes, belt delivery, notorised size setting

16511 Horizon HT 30-C used three knife trimmer 32x23 2015 Immediately Option

761.958 books produced, feeding, trimming and stacking: full automatic, suction feeder, robotic arm, downstream

16077 Perfecta SDY-EZ used three knife trimmer Immediately

three knife trimmer

16421 Kolbus PL 770 used automatic palletiser 2006 Immediately

for palletizing loose stacks and packed books, monitor with touch screen, automatic size setting, infeed conveyor, pallet dispenser, slip sheet feeder, pallet delivery station

15101 Kolbus XRS 130 used stacker 2003 Stock

CLEANED, for using as a compensating stacker following a three knife trimmer, for stacking of book blocks, brochures and magazines

15930 OMG B used compensating stacker 1984 Immediately

compensating stacker for perfect bound books, belt delivery to left, pre-programmed stack composition by PLC

16405 Ambaflex SV-400-1800-HS used drytower 2006 Stock

43 metres belt, entrance from the left under, exit to the right

15377 Nordson XNO 921 used PUR system 2003 Stock

with PUR spine gluing unit with rollers, suitable for Kolbus 410 B

16355 Kolbus LEH 375.B used Premelter 2010 Stock

Premelter for Hotmelt

15595 Robatech PUR 20 MOD used premelter 2006 Immediately

spine glue pot with rollers, suitable for Kolbus KM 472

14413 Muller Martini used hotmelt premelter 50 l 1980 Stock

originally for Muller Martini Rotorbinder, but can be used also for any other perfect binder, manal tap, no level control

15445 Wohlenberg used cold glue spine and side glue unit 1997 Stock

for Wohlenberg Master

15294 Muller Martini used gauzing station 1995 Immediately

prepared for Starplus and Starbinder

15928 Muller Martini 3601 used booksplitter with turnoverbelt 1992 Immediately

turnoverbelt 3605, 1 spitting saw

16356 Kolbus used bookbloc infeedbelt Stock

bookbloc timed infeedbelt for sewn bookblocs

16357 Kolbus TSL used conveyor belt 2008 Stock

conveyor belt

16358 Kolbus TSL used acceleration conveyor belt 2008 Stock

acceleration coveyor belt

16359 Kolbus TSL used bumpturn conveyer belt 2008 Stock

bumpturn conveyer belt

14781 Tecgraf S82 used splitting saw 1990 Stock

booksplitter for double production,bookbloc feeder, 1 splitting saw, turnoverbelt S84

15444 used cutting cassettes 1-3 2004 Stock

suitable for Muller Martini Zenith S

15865 cutting cassette for Kolbus HD 151 P Stock

no. 6

15864 cutting cassette for Kolbus HD 151 P Stock

no. 20

16670 Muller Martini Diamant 60 used hard cover casing-in line 2002 Immediately

commander with touchscreen, preheater AS 620, angle roller table WR 630, rounding and backing station, gluestation 1 for ribbon,  book ribbon suction device, gluestation 2 for head and tailbanding, casing-in, Hotmelt joint gluing, suitable for full flaps and dutch flexible cover, forming and pressing machine EP680

16119 Kolbus Publica KM 411B used bookblock preparing line 2006 Immediately

CLEANED AND INSTALLED, suitable for production of sewn bookblocks with endpaper, only 25 million bookblocks produced, MBT bookblock feeder, Kolbus VA 422 endsheet gluer, 30 clamps, 1st hotmelt spine glue unit, hotmelt side glue unit, 2nd hotmelt spine glue, gauzing station, no cover feeder, 2 nipping stations, HF High Frequency dryer, laydown delivery

16621 Kolbus DA 260 used automatic casemaker 39x67 2009 Stock

only 8,9 million cases produced, board magazine for manual loading, centre strip infeed for the spine strip, cloth feeder with pile magazine, counter stacker delivery with following roller conveyor, corner cutter, viscosity control device

15778 Horauf Compact 60 used casemaker 2008 Stock

with only 5.141 operation hours, board pre-pile belt, device for producing quarter-bound cases in 2 passes and a-symmetric cases 2/3-1/3, inside lining in 2 passes, non stop cover material feeder, padded cases, flexible spine rollers, short set-up times, delivery belt

16072 Horauf Universal used casemaker 2004 Immediately

board pre-pile belt, board cut device in line, automatic glue viscosity control, short make by computer controlled size change

15797 Kolbus KS used cloth cutting machine 1964 Stock

cloth cutting machine

14706 Sigloch used vertical conveyor 1997 Stock

1 x 90 degree curve, 1 x 180 degree curve

15822 Hunkeler VE 520 KS used inserting machine 1989 Stock

to be used only for inserting sections, two feeders, photo-electric barrier for safety

15214 Hausmann Unopacker B 500 foil wrapping machine with shrink tunnel 1995 stock

CHECKED AND CLEANED, for wrapping single books with DS500 shrink tunnel. Technical details: from Hausmann Unopacker B 500, length of product min /max: 75/unlimited mm, width of product min/max: 130/420 mm (max width of product is depending from max of film/foil width), height of product max: 150 mm, width of film/foil max: 1000 mm, diameter film/foil roll max: 300 mm, speed (depending type of product): max. 50 cycles/min, electrical power: 6 kW/9kvA/35 A. From Hausmann DS 500 shrink tunnel, max. width: 500 mm, min. width: 180 mm, speed step less adjustable: 5,3 – 26,8 mm/min, electrical power: 12,6 kW/16kW-19kvA/32 A, temperature adjustuble: 150 – 200° C.

15184 Beck V600 used foil packing machine 1989 Stock

with shrink tunnel, suitable for piles of books or magazines

15804 Siat SW 2 M.J. Maillis used pallet wrapping machine 2006 Stock

belt driven carriage, safety switch under film carriage, carriage speed adjustable, control panel, photocell to detect pallet height

15081 Minipack Torre FM-76 used foil/film wrapper Stock

foil/film wrapper

15511 Maff ST 45/08 used shrink tunnel Stock

16571 Bacciottini Pit Stop AF Speed used creasing machine 50 cm. 2007 Immediately

tool for standard creasing, tool for digital creasing, perforating tool 3:1, table extension for higher speed, suction feeder, touch screen

16445 Vacuumatic Vicount 300 used counter tab inserter Unknown Stock

CHECKED on good working condition, microprocessor controlled, programmable tab insert, total sheet counter, membrane display, tape-length adjustable

15859 used paper strapping machine Immediately

table model

16601 Deal II used strapping machine 2004 Immediately

double unit strapping, turner table tomake the cross, Siemens electronic program

15746 Robatech Roba 30 used nozzle glue system 1998 Stock

nozzle glue system

15434 Muller Martini 6211 used electrostact blocking unit 1998 Stock

electrostact blocking unit

15745 Toni Behr Pull BV used tester Stock

good and not good qualification for hotmelt, dispersion and Pur

15165 PoliPack JA 2060 TL used sealing machine 1991 Stock

sealing machine

13318 Unilith B711 used delivery belt Stock

delivery belt

15518 Durselen PB0ST used drilling machine 1993 Stock

CLEANED, 4 heads

15781 Hang 106 DT used drilling machine Stock

2 heads

16112 Hang 136-04/4 used drilling machine 1988 Stock


15787 Gantenbein Rael used spine rubbing machine 1970 Stock

spine, book back rubbing machine

15647 Gantenbein Rael used spine rubbing machine 1974 Stock

spine, book back rubbing machine

15788 Gantenbein Rael used spine rubbing machine 1967 Stock

spine, book back rubbing machine

15333 Soco System T10 used case sealing machine 1997 Stock

sealing machine

14749 GBC AP-2 used ultra automatic punch Stock

with interchangeable die sets

15792 Prakma used forming and pressing machine 1978 Stock

forming and pressing machine

13745 used foil cutting machine Stock
14377 Beier UER/F used round cornering machine Stock

round cornering machine

15801 Robust 1200 used cardboard cutter 1978 Stock

cardboard cutter

15505 Schimanek used cardboard cutter Stock

cardboard cutter

15722 Bickel used creasing -and perforating machine Stock

creasing -and perforating

14926 OMM Marchetti 210 used creasing and perforating machine 1997 Stock

with foot pedal

15783 Bickel used perforating machine Stock

perforating machine

15171 Termostabile 269 used labelling machine 2004 Stock

labelling machine

15519 Muller used feeder with one drive 1992 Stock

with one drive

15084 Planatol used mini jogger 2003 Stock

mini jogger

16393 Ola BG 10 used jogger Stock


15085 Planatol used mini jogger 2002 Stock

mini jogger


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