The situation the world is currently in, is bringing difficult times for everyone. In every kind of industry, one is wondering how to work in these difficult times? How can one purchase or sell a used graphic machinery? Travelling is not allowed or limited, inspections cannot take place physically, one has to keep their distances. At Mekes Graphic Machinery, we have come up with a solution to your questions.

Based on the principle of “When you cannot come to the machine, we will bring the machine to you.

This principle can help us all to find eachother. To realise a project and provide you with as much information as we can:

  • Our offer will be as detailed as possible, we will add five photos
  • Additional photos in higher resolution will be send via WeTransfer
  • Reason for sale will be explained in our offer
  • Live inspection, based on an initial agreement, can be possible. We can organise a live video inspection where all questions can be answered visually,
  • Testimony, where we invite the previous owner, operator or collaborator to be on site during the live video inspection,
  • Technical inspection, based on a final agreement and subject to inspection. A technical inspection can be organised, even done by an independent party, including a report,
  • Documentation of dismantling, loading will be documented by large numbers of photos, sent immediately after performing the dismantling,
  • Disinfection, the machine will be disinfected on the outside and packed hermetically to preserve safety measures during transport.


In case of continuous, serious interest in our offer in these Corona times, we have developed a special approach to come to a project and agreement. Please feel free to ask more information and do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.