Mid 2018 Mekes Graphic Machinery has purchased a complete bindery in Berlin, Germany. A local colleague dealer noticed our deal. His friend printer was considering to stop his activities as his son was not interested to continue the business. The dealer approached Mekes Graphic Machinery and invited us to come over for a quotation of the print shop from his friend.

Funny to listen was, knowing the owner is/was a so called “Ossi” (referring to former residents of what used to be East Germany before the Wall fell in 1991) in combination with the name of the company “Wende”, the name of the family-owners. After the so called Wende (the wall went down and east- and west Germany have been reunited) and for the company, located in East-Berlin, it was a fantastic time. Investing for one, tax-deductible for two as one West was equal too two Ost if you should remember how Germany was re-united, the common properties divided.

Times in graphic industry have changed heavily and the industry has become very competitive. For the company “Wende” it has resulted in a “Wende” (turning) once more. This time, unfortunately, they will close doors end of the year. Our company will buy most of the equipment (KBA Rapida 130a-4, KBA Rapida 105-5, Perfecta 132 with jogger, back loading and unloading, Aster 180 sewing machine, Tauler laminator, Hunckeler end sheet gluer and more). During the inspection we could see tears appearing in the eyes of the owner. It was an emotional day for him and therefore also for us.

Remembering the famous words by J.F. Kennedy, June 26th in 1963:

“Ich bin ein Berliner”