End 2018, we received word from our agent in the North of Spain, that a local printer was interested in a long perfecting offset printing press. As we had a few nice and well maintained presses of this type in our stock, Mr. Marc Canals from our office in Spain contacted the printer.

In February 2019 the owner and his engineer came over to the Netherlands during the weekend. They wanted to have a closer look at the Heidelberg Speedmaster ten colours offset printing press with perfecting in our warehouse. A decision was made in our favour shortly after the visit. However the printer and therefore we as well, had to wait for the bank to approve the financial project.

The approval took a while and once made, we had to deliver the offset printing press as quickly as possible. The buyer wanted a well-cleaned machine and at that time we had a lot of work in the cleaning department. Booming times ask for booming solutions, as we want to serve all our customers as best as we can. And so, we created a special plastic room in our warehouse in order to be able to increase the possibilities for our team to clean the machinery and matching printing equipment … (continues below the photos; click photos to enlarge)

… The cleaning was carried out together with an external company under our supervision. (continues below the photos; click photos to enlarge)

Within a short period of time, we managed to fully clean the machine and deliver the press at printer’s place in the second week of May. Even though the cleaning was well done, once delivered and the installation started, we found out that some parts had not been cleaned to our quality standards. Therefore we had to perform some extra cleaning operations at the printers location.

The installation of the offset printing press was done by Jordi Habas, our Engineer in Spain. Jordi worked together with a local engineer, to insure assistance after installation as well. The engineers managed to install the machine within three weeks. They did a fantastic job in a minimum of time. The machine is in running production as of the first week of June.

The machine has the Instant Gate to receive the files from the prepress but the Heidelberg Prepress Interface was not included in our sales agreement. As the printer was used to work with this kind of software/hardware previously from another brand, we try to find a solution. At the moment we are in the process of solving this issue, as we could recuperate this device from GTS in Slovenia – a story we wrote before – where two Heidelberg presses have been provided with RIP data.

We hope retrieving the software license will not be a problem, so we can satisfy our customer by granting him the desired Heidelberg Prepress Interface free of charge!