Advertising a Heidelberg SM 102-10-P+LX (being purchased by Mekes Graphic Machines in the USA) in the most common graphic websites for used equipment, it was discovered by the Bulgarian printer named Multiprint.

As he was asking for an offer, we could find out that in the past, we already have delivered different kind of machinery to this printer. The previous purchases of a bundle press Stahl and a sewing machine Muller Martini have been traded by the office of Multiprint Ltd. Though we had not yet met the family before, this time we were in touch with the owners of this family business located in the suburbs of Sofia.

The printer invited us to make our best offer, even considering not to come over for an inspection. In used graphic machinery equipment and investments of this kind and financial level, we prefer however a visit of inspection. We invite our (potential) customer to have a closer look to the machine as well as our company, and likewise from our company to have a better impression of the culture of his company.

Within little time, these visits took place. The son of the owner responsible for business developments, the general production manager as well as an engineer/instructor of Heidelberg Bulgaria EOOD visited our company. They were well prepared and took their time to have a closer look in detail to all parts of the printing press. Although there was a substantial financial gap to overcome, both parties could arrive in an agreement.

Special attention has been given to the differences of electrical connection as the standards in the USA (480V/60Hz) are different from the one in Europe (400V/50Hz). As the main parts of the press have been connected by transformers and the Technotrans was bi-frequent – we could learn something more, not knowing this was possible – we could manage this issue within no time. Nine sets of extra rollers, an external chiller as some cabinets are water-cooled, a full set of Transfer Jackets and some minor parts from our stock with an important commercial value, have been added in order to find a commercial solution for the financial gap and differences.

Preparing the press for delivery, we returned the favour by paying a visit to our customer for better understanding his background and the local culture, as well as his printing house.

In the meantime, based on a good feeling about this deal, the week after the inspection in the Netherlands, the press has been loaded already for the destination of Bulgaria. Four trucks and even some extra meters for an external chiller were needed for transport.

Heidelberg Bulgaria should take care of some reconditioning and the installation. The press has to be ready for production within the shortest time as the last quarter of the annual year the company has a lot of work to manage. The pressure was on!

During our visit we could find out that this press was the ideal solution for the customer partly to fulfil the need of more production of books, brochures and others – the printer has a grow of approximately 10% yearly – but also to step in the production of packaging. The long configuration – 5,6 and even 7 colours are very suitable – and even more the coater and extended delivery can help the introduction in the business of producing boxes and similar. As well, the company has already 2, 4 and 10 colours in the same size and 5 with coater in B2 size, all from the same brand Heidelberg and can therefore organize and extend his quality control and measuring easily.

Soon the press will go into production.