In cooperation with the Grafisch Lyceum in Utrecht, Mekes Graphic Machinery has given a very special assignment to the students: to create special banners which combines Street Art together with our graphic machines.

In preparation to the Sign & Print Expo in Gorinchem, The Netherlands on the 26th till the 28th of March 2019, Mekes Graphic Machinery has developed a very special assignment for the students of the Grafisch Lyceum in Utrecht.
As the theme of the exhibition is ‘Street Art’, it was up to the students to create banners which combines the theme and graphic machinery together. The assignment kicked-off on the 30th of January with a presentation by our sales director Leon Lagrand. He explained to the students the origin of Mekes Graphic Machinery, what the company does and what the core values are.

The students were given until the one and a half week to come up with a series of banners to promote Mekes Graphic Machinery at the Sign & Print Exhibition. On the 8th of February they had to present their ideas together with the story behind their design.
Leon Lagrand and Manon Teeuw were present to be the judges of the banners. They will have to choose a winner…

Now we wonder…

Which one do you like best?

3…2…1… Vote!

Note: the copyright of these designs are with the students who developed them and Mekes Graphic Machinery. The designs cannot be duplicated or copied without specific written permission.