As tourist in Spain you must have tasted this famous national product. Maybe you have bought one that you took home end of your journey. If so, for sure you stood in front of a lot of hanging legs, not knowing what to buy. You have tried to find more details and explanations on the labels.

Wikipedia: “Jamón Ibérico (Spanish: [xaˈmon iˈβeɾiko];  “Iberian ham“, is variety of Jamón, a type of cured ham produced in Spain and Portugal, where it may be labelled as presunto Ibérico.

Pork products made from Black Iberian breed pigs receive the Ibérico/a denomination. As such, Jamón Ibérico is the dry-cured ham produced from livestock of said breeds. According to Spain’s denominación de origin rules and current regulations on Jamón, Jamón Ibérico must be made from pure breed, or cross-bred pigs – as long as they are at least 50% Black Iberian in their ancestry.”

Imprenet in Begues – Spain is a company specialised in printing these labels. They had a Heidelberg SM 74-4 to do so. The machine became old and tired and there was also the need of an extra colour and coating.

The printer had received good references from fellow printshops in Spain and contacted our office. The budget was definite and the wish was another SM 74-5 with coater. The printer was happy and satisfied with his Heidelberg.

There was this type of machine in Slovenia as trade in but the seller finally changed his mind, we inspected a KBA Rapida 75-5 with coater in Italy, even with UV, but could not find the confidences, to many technical work to make it reliable… It took a while but then Komori Italy asked us about our interest for a Komori L 528 with coater. We had a closer look and we could find a machine at a smaller company, well maintained and a satisfied operator as well as owner. They bought a new large size Komori and the place was needed.

Our Jamon Iberico customer came over from Spain to inspect and test the press in Italy and was quickly convinced. Soon after we dismantled the press, took it for some time to our warehouse in Spain while the buyer could organise his finances, choosing the right leasing company to go for.

The Komori L 528 with coater is now installed, we added a TechKon RS 800 from our stock to measure the quality of the printed Jamon Iberico labels. Soon after the Heidelberg SM 74-4 was dismantled and came to our warehouse.

Next time you will be in Spain maybe you will buy a Pata Negra. Probably the label is printed at Imprenet on a Komori L 528 with coater delivered and installed by Mekes Graphic Machinery.