In the printshop or at the bookbinder, machines which are in production get user marks. One can think of ink residues, paper residues, grease and oil residues, and so on. Some parts even may get rusty through the years. All in all, a machine in production sooner or later will get user marks.

At Mekes Graphic Machinery, we like to take good care of the machines we buy and sell. This is why we have a special cleaning facility in our workshop. In the facility, we are able to fully clean small parts up to entire machinery components. Once a component has visited the cleaning facility, it will look as good as new again.

The past few days, we’ve been working on cleaning a perfect binding line. A Kolbus KM 600 used perfect binding line from 2011 to be more specific. The line is equipped with 21 clamps, milling station, as well as Kolbus HD143P three knife trimmer, Kolbus XKL300 compensating stacker, book measuring device, Kolbus Co-Pilot with touch screen. The machine was in good condition when it arrived to our warehouse, but could use some cleaning.

The technicians in the workshop cleaned the entire machine. Below, we would like to share with you the before and after photos of the perfect binding line and the Kolbus HD143P three knife trimmer.