offset printing press Roland 506 LV (UV)

Ref: MEK16704


0B Plus size (US-size): 590 x 740 mm max. papersize, Performance Package Cardboard printing (0,04 - 1 mm), Air Glide, extended delivery, chamber doctor blade system type Tresu, Quick Change Coating Plus, SelectDryer IR/TL, SelectDryer UV - UV enddryer, UV interdeck positions prepared after each printing unit, PressPilot, ColorPilot D + F, Operation Comfort Plus, RCI, CCI, Graphometronic FM19, LCS, QuickChange Surface, QuickChange Job, QuickChange Color, Trip-Flow, PPL, Format Change Plus, preset, QuickChange Wash, all automatic washup devices, RolandDeltamatic, with Technotrans combi beta c., inktemperature controlled, inking unit separation, SelectSheetCleaner, SelectAntistatic Eltex, SelectPowderSystem, raised 240 mm, TelePresence, approx. 91 million impressions
Year of construction 2011
Size 590x740 mm (US-size)
Impression count 91 million
Availability Sold

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