Sewing machines are designed to develop a high quality book finishing solution. A sewn book is the strongest bookbinding method for products which need to last long. A sewn book bloc can be finished with a soft cover or a hard cover.
When using a sewing machine, the pages are folded together into sections (also known as signatures). Each section is then sewn into the following section along the spine. A sewing machine is fed by gathered sections. This can be done with two different methods: off-line or in line. In line solutions are more efficient and you can have 1 sewing machine connected to a gatherer, a so called Uniplex machine, or 2 or more sewing machines, known as a Multiplex machine.
A major player in sewing machines is the manufacturer Meccanotecnica, also known as Aster.
Aster has many different models in the program, Astronic, Krisc, 160, 180, 220SA, Aster Pro and more. The Aster EVO and Aster TOP are among the most demanded sewing machinery by bookbinders worldwide.
The brand Muller Martini is also strong in developing and manufacturing sewing machines. The most common models of Muller Martini are 3210, Inventa 3212, Inventa Plus 3214, Ventura 3215 and the Ventura MC 200.
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