One of our customers in Spain was looking for a high speed cutting line. As we had a Polar N 155 AT HD PACE in stock, Mekes was able to provide a high quality machine, as it is one of the most efficient models of Polar. 

Approximately one year ago, we were in the opportunity to buy a range of different kinds of machinery from a bookbinder in Germany. The machines varied from perfect binding lines, such as the Muller Martini Acoro A5 and Muller Martini Bolero, to a Kolbus FA 650 front cutter, Kolbus PE 312 embossing machine, Palamides Alpha 500 stacking delivery, Muller Martini 3215 Ventura MC sewing machines (from 2010 and 2013) and several MBO T800 all buckle folding machines.

This is a story about the Polar N 155 AT HD PACE (reference MEK15643). This Polar machine is a complete cutting line, which consists of a Polar N 155 AT HD PACE cutting machine, Polar LW-1200-6 stack lift, Polar Autotrans M gripper loading system as well as a Polar Autoturn Pace turning gripper. The Polar cutting line is a high speed cutter with performance enhancing options. The Polar high-speed cutter N 155 is mainly used for handling offset prints in the large-size range, with sizes up to 100 x 140 cm. The high speed cutter Polar N 155 is, according to Polar, one of the most efficient models build by polar, featuring automatic waste disposal during the cutting process.

The machine was sold to a Spanish customer in Gerona. As the machine dates from 2015 and was regularly serviced by an technician, the machine was in good condition. In June 2019, preparations were made to transport the machine from our warehouse in Roosendaal, Netherlands, to Spain. Not only did we arrange transport, the customer had requested for the machine to be installed on site as well.

Upon the machines’ arrival, we first had to dismount another Polar, the Polar 115 XT (reference MEK16120), as the Polar N 155 would be installed on the very same spot. After dismantling the Polar 115 XT, it was time for our mechanics Roger and Jordi to start installing the Polar N 155 AT HD PACE used cutting line.

In the second week, the installation of the machine was finished. Mr. Roger did not leave the scene without providing instructions to the workers in the print shop. All in all, the machine was fully operating within 2 weeks of installation, including instructions. The Polar N 155 AT HD PACE is a fully automatic cutting line and the first of its kind to be installed in Spain. Please check out the video of the installed machine below.

We wish our customer prosperous times with the Polar N 155 AT HD PACE.