Barcelona – Spain, May 2018

A local printer announced the sale of his Heidelberg Speedmaster 74-4-H, built in 2002 with less than 100 million impressions. One could say: “A piece of cake to sell if the price is right” … But it was not. We agreed nevertheless to promote the press and we should try to find a buyer.

Although the printer took it back from the market for a short time to use in full again, we finally could find a buyer … 20 months later, however for a competitive price. We made a pro forma invoice, not knowing if this should come to a sale.

Patience is a virtue when buying a machine.

Kampala – Uganda, January 2020

A local printer made his down-payment. One month later he did a second payment, a third one once again after one more month. Having paid 2/3 of the total amount, the Corona virus emerged worldwide. Spain went in lockdown, closing all shops and forcing people to remain at their homes. At the same time, COVID-19 had not yet set foot on African soil. Meanwhile, we remained in close contact with the customer.

Patience is virtue when selling a machine.

Roosendaal – The Netherlands, October 2020

Being paid in full, the press has been loaded into containers with destination Mombassa – Kenia.

Collecting the container with the press out of the port was another problem to tackle. TNT had lost the envelope with the Bill of Lading originals. These papers are not easy to get by. We even had to pay an extra amount of 4.000 Euro to get new ones so that the buyer could get the container out of the port for transport by land destination Kampala – Uganda.

Finally, sometime later, we received a message from the buyer. The machine has been installed. He wrote: “Hello, some friends of mine admirer my machine.”

Patience is virtue when transporting a machine.