This Muller Martini Diamant 60 was delivered to a customer who may be one of the oldest printshops in Spain. Talleres Graficos Soler exists ever since 1870. The book production line was equipped with the option to produce small and larger size books, up to 300 mm. The

It’s always a matter of finding the right machine for our customer, suitable for the jobs which the customer has planned for it. Even with these difficult times during the Corona pandemic, we could find the opportunity to connect the dots between customer and machine. We are happy that our Spanish office, Mekes Maquinaria Grafica, could provide the client with the missing key in their production line. We wish the customer many successful production runs.


Quote Talleres Graficos Soler:

“Este “DIAMANTE” que cruza la puerta de nuestra nave no puede tener un nombre más apropiado. Significa la culminación de un proyecto que iniciamos hace 2 años cuando decidimos que para dar el mejor servicio a nuestros clientes debíamos tener nuestra propia encuadernación. Solo nos faltaba la sección de Tapa Dura y ya la tenemos aquí. Un antes y un después para Talleres Gráficos Soler desde que empezamos a imprimir en 1870.”

“This diamond that crosses the door of our workshop, could not have a more appropriate name. It means the culmination of a project that we started 2 years ago when we decided that to give the best service to our clients we should have our own binding. We only needed the hardcover section and we already have it here. A before and after for soler graphic workshops since we started printing in 1870.”