With only 17 million books produced, this machine was surely ready for more. The Muller Martini Alegro A6 from 2016 was a used perfect binding line equipped with 24 stations gatherer 3692, ASIR signature recognition system, handfeeding station, reject deliver, binder with 17 clamps, Hotmelt gluing units and more.

The machine, we could buy from a bookbinder in Germany, was in good condition. The machine was young (from 2016), with a low production number on the counter… It was ready for more!

Hoping to sell the machine soon, the machine could stay at the bookbindery factory for the first few months. As time passed by, it was decided to retrieve the machine from the factory, to the warehouse of Mekes Graphic Machinery in Roosendaal. Once arrived at our warehouse, we put the machine in line, for customers to come visit and perform a thorough inspection at the machine.

The Alegro appeared to be quite an interesting machine for potential customers. At first, the machine seemed to be moving to Romania. After a few weeks, it became clear that we couldn’t come to an agreement with the Romanian customer. A German customer followed, who had big plans with the machine. As he was renting the building, he had to get permission to demolish a fire resistant wall to be able to install the complete binding line. Unfortunately, this appeared to be too much to ask. Therefore the Muller Martini Alegro A6 perfect binding line had to wait a little longer before it could produce again.

Therefore we kept looking for the right customer. The right customer was to be found in Spain, who was looking for a perfect binding machine with the latest technology with fast change-over times. As they were merging two locations into a new hall, the customer preferred to prevent production loss. The Alegro A6 in the warehouse of Mekes Graphic Machinery was ideal for the situation, as it was immediately available and could be moved right into the new production hall.

The customer desired a lay-out which would create an optimal logistic configuration within their workshop. To meet the customers wishes, we decided to change the lay-out of the machine. Therefore we ordered a new Ambaflex spiral conveyor tower to be added to the binding line at the customers place. Originally when we bought the machine, the Alegro A6 consisted of 24 stations gatherer 3692. The customer only required 16 stations. This leaves a number of gathering elements still available, including other parts of the perfect binding line, such as:

In the summer of 2020, the Muller Martini Alegro A6 is producing books again.

We would like to thank the customer for their trust in Mekes Graphic Machinery.
We wish the customer many successful production runs!

Check out the photos and videos of the transport, installation and of course the machine producing again at the customers place!