Addition to Mekes graphic machinery range: Meler PUR adhesive systems

If you feel the need to meet customers’ increasing requirements for high-quality printing products and are contemplating how to boost your offset printing, consider upgrading your threadless binding line, or convert your current existing binders with new Meler PUR adhesive systems.

Choice of adhesives

Binding a perfect printed product without threading or stapling requires the decision for adequate adhesives. In the graphic industry, EVA adhesive hot melt (Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate), or also called perfect binding, has been commonly used. Since a few decades, also PUR adhesive (Polyurethane Reactive) is available. Both types of binders provide a nice square spine, for example, to brochures or magazines.

So, what aspects should you review to make your choice? Aside from the budget, choosing one or the other adhesive depends on the quality and the expected lifespan of the product. While there are some advantages to EVA, for instance, the shorter curing time and the fact that it is more economical, PUR might be the best solution for your customers.

Addition to Mekes graphic machinery range: Meler PUR adhesive systems

PUR adhesive system advantages

First, a significant difference is that PUR adhesives sticks to the paper via a chemical reaction, making the binding stronger and more tear-resistant than with EVA. Second, PUR is also heat-resistant, ensuring a longer lifespan of the finished product, especially in hot climates.

Further benefits of PUR are:

  • a more flexible binding
  • fully flat opening of the book or magazine
  • binds with all sorts of materials (e.g. film, cartons, varnished and recycled paper)
  • requires fewer application quantities


Meler PUR adhesive systems complement Mekes range of bindery machines

Mekes has grown a strong relationship with UK-based Meler Gluing Solutions over the last years. We are proud to include the new PUR adhesive systems to our range. Meler has offered their full support in sales for supplies in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain. They’ve also initiated Meler Glueing agents to join forces.

Would you like our experts to help you out with any information whatsoever on which PUR adhesive system is appropriate for you? Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.