Mekes is all around the world! Some days ago, one of our clients was for business in Miami and in need of some pallets. Therefore; he went to a pallet company to buy some. When having a closer look, he saw Mekes stamped onto the pallet! 

People come across Mekes Graphic Machinery all around the world, as we are active worldwide. Some days ago, we got contacted by someone situated in Miami. As he was in need of a number of pallets, he went to a pallet company to get some. When looking closer to the pallets he retrieved, he found our stamp present on the pallets!

It was no coincidence for the pallets with the Mekes stamp to be found in Miami. Some while ago, Mekes Graphic Machinery has installed a machine in the region. The machine was transported over the ocean. In order to guarantee a safe arrival of the machine, it was put on our own Mekes pallets and secured tightly into the container.

It is a pleasure to see our pallets being re-used and serving their purpose once more!

Special thanks to André for the pictures and notifying us.