Investing in used graphic machinery, is an investment for the long haul. It is a sustainable investment, which will last for years, if you take good care. So is solar energy. At Mekes Graphic Machinery, we have taken the step to invest in solar panels and contribute to a more sustainable future. It is one of our next steps to become more durable as a business.

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. It is a clean renewable energy source, with the potential to replace conventional fossil fuels such as gas and coal, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of energy generation.

Looking for a supplier in the neighbourhood of Roosendaal, we could find our partner in the Elkor Group. Over the years, the Elkor Group has developed into a total installer with specializations in 4 different divisions: Solar Energy, Electrical Engineering, Security and Sustainability. Right from the beginning, they appeared to be the perfect match for us.

In the beginning of March, the technicians of the Elkor Group began with the preparations. Firstly, they had to get all the needed materials to the roof. With some help from a crane, this was one challenge which was quickly mastered. As it was quite cold, the winter-like weather accompanied with snow, didn’t make things easy for the men. The installation had to be paused for a few days.

When the weather changed for the better, the installation continued. Over 200 solar panels were getting installed one by one, row after row. All in all, the complete installation took several weeks. The results are worth it: the roof of the office as well as part of the warehouse are covered with solar panels.

Soon, in the upcoming months, more solar panels will fill the other part of the warehouse.
To be continued…