This week, we’ve been busy working on the Komori LS 640+L and getting the machine ready. The Komori was built in 2009 and had only 55 million impressions. Soon, the used offset printing press will be in production again. 

Even though there were many interested in the machine, the machine purchased by one of our Spanish customers.

The machine had been brought to our warehouse in Roosendaal some time earlier. Standing in our warehouse, we had to prepare the machine for transport. Wrapping it tightly with plastic foil, as well as our special Mekes-tape. The machine parts were put on separate pallets, to be loaded smoothly into the truck. Loading the Komori wasn’t an easy job, as the feeder and delivery are extra heavy. Too heavy for our own forklifts. Therefore, we had arrange a larger, more capable forklift at TechnoWestServices.

Check out the photos and video below for a short impression…