Mekes Graphic Machinery dismantles and installs Kolbus Publica KM 412C perfect binding line on location at Navneet Education in Mumbai, India.
The story of Navneet begins in the summer of 2018, as they were reaching out to Mekes Graphic Machinery in search of a Kolbus soft cover binding line. Navneet Education was looking for a machine which was still quite young and which could bind 15.000 copies per hour. In the publishing unit at their warehouse, they already had a couple of perfect binding lines from Kolbus. As Navneet Education was looking to add capacity to their factory, they had a strong preference to add another Kolbus to the current production equipment. Mekes Graphic Machinery had just purchased a year 2015 complete Kolbus Publica line, which fitted perfectly to meet Navneets requirements.

The journey started with a visit from Navneet Education to Europe, all the way from India to inspect the Kolbus Publica KM 412C perfect binding line. A journey well worth, as the machine was to their likings. They decided to start negotiations and in the end the customer bought the machine. Not only did they buy the Kolbus Publica KM 412 C, the directors of Navneet decided to buy more machinery, including a Solema Fastbook.

Buying the machinety was only the beginning. In order for the machine to be shipped to India, the machine had to be dismantled. Our technical team started dismantling the machine in January. Beginning of February, Mr. Ronald and Mr. Leon traveled to India to visit the factory of Navneet Education. After dismantling and several preparations for the long boat trip, over 10 containers were loaded with machinery! Eventually the machines were ready to start their journey to India.

As the machinery arrived in India in April, our technical team could finally start with the installation of the machines at the factory of Navneet Education. Together with the Kolbus Publica KM 412C perfect binder, our technicians also installed a 21 stations Kolbus ZU841 gatherer with Kolbus AS 841 reject, Kolbus FA650 front cutter and a Kolbus HD153P three knife trimmer. Furthermore the mechanics also installed a complete crane system for log loading, 12 stream feeders and a book block feeder Solema Fastbook with Autoload. All together, the machines make a proper functioning perfect binding line, ready to develop new books.

Navneet Education was founded in 1959. Since then, Navneet Education has been one of India’s most important educational content providers. Navneet Education produces school books, as well as stationery, general books and children’s books in Indian and foreign languages. Navneet Eduction is one of the largest publishers, printing and stationery manufacturers in India.

Mekes Graphic Machinery is proud to have served Navneet Education and helped them find the perfect machinery for their factory. We wish Navneet Education many prosperous times ahead and hope they are able to enjoy the new additions for their factory to the fullest.