With production sites in Beek and one in Swalmen – the result of an acquisition – and related machines of production at both locations, it is not always efficient to work.

The General Managers/owners decided, therefore, to extend the infrastructure in Beek, to centralise, rationalise and modernise the production. The first step in this process of change would be the purchase of a B2 size 5, colours offset printing press. They were satisfied with the present 4 colours, A2 size Japanese Ryobi 684, a reliable and full alternative against a German construction.

On the internet, they could find a Ryobi 755 G with perfect specifications, well equipped. They received an offer from a Danish used machinery dealer. How to judge if this machine would be in good condition, who would dismantle at the location in Norway, and how to get this press installed in Beek, the Netherlands? They remembered Mekes Graphic Machinery, they bought, with satisfaction, from us in the past as well. There was confidence and therefore they contacted us with the question if we could shape and give content at their project.

At the first meeting, both parties could find each other. The base of trust was founded in the past, and both parties quickly agreed on the scenario of this deal. Based on a commercial agreement, subject to an inspection at the side, a print form was sent to the print house in Norway where the press was still running production.

All technical specifications have been looked at in detail and we could determine that the press was complete, well cared for and with an effective low impression count. The valuable prepress interface – Ryobi Ink Volume Setter – was included in the deal. We made the choice, together with Econoom, for a dismantling by the Norwegian agency of Ryobi, Grafisk Kompany, based on our instructions.

The agency in the Netherlands, Manroland Benelux, would take care of the installation. The direction of the Ecomaen group also opted immediately for a thorough approach. The machine went to a specialised cleaning company, N-Ice Clean in Belgium, and new ink- and dampening rollers type Westland were ordered. In early March the older presses Ryobi 684 and Heidelberg SM 74-2 were collected, the Ryobi 755 G was delivered in Beek.

Our colleagues of Techni Graph Belgium unloaded and placed the press on the position of installation in the production room. One week was planned for the installation, the week after as a run-up to production.