Coming onto our path in 2019, this Meccanotecnica Uniplex with Aster Top sewing line was certainly a beautiful machine. Its colourful red hoods, made it an eye catcher. A unique machine capable of producing up to 300 cycles/minute, so a production beast for the longer runs. As the company changed his focus from longer (web-offset) runs into very short runs, the Aster TOP was no longer the ideal machine for them. We purchased the machine with the condition that the machine could stay on site, so we could show this special machine in production. As time passed by, we had multiple interested customers for this machine, but due to COVID travel restrictions we could not show the machine in production.

Eventually, during the summer of 2020, in the midst of Corona, we could find a potential customer situated in Latvia. As they have built a new hall, next to their factory, they could use a sewing line in their production hall. Our Meccanotecnica Uniplex caught their eye…   We organised a conference call and an video inspection on site. This convinced them of the machine. The deal was made shortly after.

The machine was still in production when it was sold. Our technician, Roger, was assigned to dismantle the machine at its location. And later on, reinstall the sewing line at the customers production hall in Latvia.

On a Wednesday in October, after the final production run was done, the dismantling begun. The next week, the machine arrived at the customers place. In the end, it became quite exciting whether Roger was going to make to catch the plane to Latvia. Due to the Corona restrictions, one would have to prove a negative corona test result not older than 48 hours. As Roger would be flying on Monday evening, and test results would not go through very quickly in the Netherlands, he finally got the test result on Sunday evening.

So there Roger went, with AirBaltic to Latvia, ready to install the machine. Within a week of hard work the beast was ready for its first production run at its new home.

The customer is expanding, even though the hard times cause by the COVID-19 virus. Doubling their capacity with new production plant, our customer expects to produce over 10 million books per year. They produce books for Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland and many other countries across Europe. The books will be delivered to warehouses, book stores and perhaps even to your home.