Mekes purchases your used graphic machinery

Has your machine become obsolete, is it underused or are you thinking of purchasing a new machine but do you want to sell your current one first? At Mekes we are always interested in used graphic machinery not only when it comes to selling a used graphic machine, but also if you simply want to sell your machine.

Mekes has many years of international experience in purchasing and selling new and used graphic machinery. We know the market through and through. That is why we can also offer you an interesting price for your used graphic machinery.

Why you should sell your used graphic machinery to Mekes

Selling your used graphic machinery is more than just a good price. A good price for your used graphic machine is an important factor of course. But there is more to a successful transaction:

  • What are the conditions for the delivery or pick-up of your used machines?
  • What are the payment conditions?

At Mekes we are transparant throughout the whole process.


Are you interested in selling your used graphic machinery to Mekes?

We are...


Mekes Used Graphic Machinery is active in the graphic machinery business for over 35 years!

Active worldwide

Our offices in Europe are located in Holland, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom. In other parts of the world, we work together with selected partners only.

Delivering excellent quality

We offer our customers the best quality pre-owned graphic machines for a reasonable price.

Providing full service from A to Z

We buy, sell, deliver, install and relocate quality printing presses, bindery machines, and all other related equipment. We also provide maintenance to your machinery!