Many years ago we were in contact with MM Printing and Mr. Maas (the father) for the sale of a 2 color printing press. He decided that time to buy a Akyama, a very unusual brand and model for the Netherlands.

Some years back we had been invited by Mr. Maas (the father) to discuss the replacement of this two color by a four color press. Again the decision went in advantage of another colleague and the purchase of a Sakurai Oliver 472 ED II.

Last year we have been invited once more to discuss the upgrade to a five color printing press. Waiting at the reception we suddenly could read that the father passed away last year. At the same time, this is a reflection to your personal age.
We discuss more and more the new investments with a younger generation, the (grand)sons and (grand)daughters of the founders. Also our founder Mr. T. Mekes passed away last year at the age of almost nighty.

Leo and Maykel Maas (sons) are taking care of a modernist MM Printing at the present time. Their production manager was the contact to talk to and we had the competition of a Heidelberg Speedmaster 74-5.

We remember Mr. Michael told me in the first meeting that we had nothing to offer as he could not find a printing press that should suite his demand on our website. After listening the needs, expectations and budget, I told him we had plenty to offer starting with a Komori 529 and a Ryobi 755 as the best solution. Soon after a detailled offer made, together with the production manager we inspected the Ryobi 755 – the Komori was already sold in the mean time – press in running mode. The deal was finalized in no time subject financing.

Soon after, the Sakurai Oliver 472 ED II has been dismantled on a Monday and lifted in one piece on a truck – destination a printer in Ireland thanks to our friends of Portman – the installation of the Ryobi 755 – cleaned and checked by our company before – finished still the same week. After a very short instruction the production has been started. Some safety labels renewed and small parts as the locker of a plastic protection replaced, the Ink Volume Setter (presetting of the ink keys) adjusted and some fine tuning done, the press is running daily production for the new generation of MM Printing.