Like previous years, Mekes Graphic Machinery is proud to call herself sponsor of GrafischGolfen. GrafischGolfen (GraphicGolf) is one of the annual network events hosted for the graphic industry within the Netherlands.

As every year, the tournament is held at the Golfclub the Wouwse Plantage near Bergen op Zoom. Over 80 sports participants subscribed to the event. Luckily, the Dutch government is easing the corona restrictions, which made it possible for outdoor events to be organised.

Looking back at Friday the 18th of June, it was a great day to play golf. The sun was shining, the occasional breeze of fresh air flowing through the green. The successful network event ended with food and drinks, and of course the awards ceremony. The event, hosted by both PRINTmatters and the Company Golf Club, knows two winners: one for the low handicap 0-18 and the second for the category 18 and up.