Being a longtime partner of Portman in Ireland – official dealer of Komori – we feel committed to think with them in case there is a demand for whatever. They invited us to be partner for the trade-in of a KBA Rapida 74-10 from 2002 and a Komori Lithrone 528 with coater from 2002 in order to sell a new Komori LS 529 with coater.

We knew that the potential for resale this type of KBA should be very limited, if even existing. Who could be the customer interested in this type of press? What should be the condition to offer the machine to the market? Did we had to think of another dealer to sell at or should we be more orientated to find another end-user, printer to offer? Where will be find the spare parts needed, the knowledge to handle some technical problems as the perfecting system can give. etc.?

Despite all these open stating questions and uncertainties, we decided to be Portman’s partner in a 50/50 dealer.

MachineSeeker is a website well known in second hand printing machinery. We, as well as thousands of other competitors, get several demands every day by this website.
The German company AWG (Alles Werde Gut to be translated as everything will become all right), run by two brothers, was looking for a so called “long perfector” in the size B2. They were convinced that, in case they wanted to continue the business in a competitive market of “Akzidens Druck” printing a sheet of paper on both sides in one pass, is the only way for the future.

We took contact, made an appointment, went for 350 km. by car to have a first meeting and we could find out that this was the customer for our KBA 74-10. The only printing press they had was a KBA 74-5 from the same generations connected with the service support line from KBA Germany in case of problems. The space was just enough to install this type of press, 10 colors instead of 8 makes it possible to use a kind of coating for fast and therefore effective production as this was the main reason to invest. Soon after AWG and Mekes NL could find the trust in each other and we signed the contract. Integrated was the take-over from the 5 color but only when the 10 color was in a reliable production mode.

Still running production in Ireland, the press was checked by a local, so called KBA specialist, engineer. In the checklist and the technical report only a small list of issues were noted to take care of.

It took us almost one year before we could get the 10 color in the condition as agreed with the buyer AWG. We had to spent 165.000 Euro for the total technical process and dismantling, cleaning, checking, transport, new rollers and installation but even without changing perfect jackets – one set for one printing unit at KBA was offered to us for 15.000 Euro knowing we should needed 5 – and without the reconditioning from the perfecting system.

As the mentioned technical budget was not pre-calculated, we have lost approximately 20.000 Euro on this project but we agreed with the buyer to do a good job.

AWG “Alles Werde Gut”…, but it took some time, it has costs us ‘some’ money. We hope to arrive at a break-even when selling the trade-in machine color. However, until today we could not manage.

We learned a lot, we had some unexpected technical issues, the service-line with KBA as extended by our buyer is not solving all problems, the manufacturer is offering spare parts for prices you never expect….but our customer is happy.

We hope next time to make a better and a profitable project.