Earlier in the beginning of 2015, a bigger company named Alva and located in the north of Spain went into bankruptcy. Several operators and other employees became, reminding Spain and an average unemployed of about 20% that time, without a job.

Some of them, knowing each other already for a long time, had the idea to restart another print shop. They had already a name in mind: Alva Nova.
Often these idea’s starts and stops in the pub or the morning after. Good intentions but nothing for real. These guys however made an appointment with the bank to discuss the possibilities and the budget needed to make a new start happening. As well, our office in Spain, Mekes ES, was contacted by these entrepreneurs in the meantime. After several discussions and meetings with our office in Spain and a visit to discuss even more details in the Netherlands, as well as with the bank, a business plan was made several months later. We write October 2015.

Having determinate a printing press, a guillotine and some additional surrounding joggers and lifts, a pile turner and others, Mekes NL kept these machines at site, no longer for sale. We received a private made small down payment from two of the initiative takers more as a sign of goodwill and determination than as a financial substantial commitment.

Finally end of February 2016 the administration of the bank and the agreement regarding the financial loan was signed. A substantial payment was made and we could start, not to deliver the press, but to clean and to rebuilt, including installation in our factory. The budget was limited and we had to do a huge job to make this press within the expectations of the buyer and the bank – the bank was only willing to finance rebuilt and good working machines including warranty – as well.

As it was important to follow up the installation regarding warranty, we invited also Spanish engineers to participate the pre-installation and the technical check, the rebuilding, in our factory in the Netherlands. J.H.L. from Barcelona, Mr. Jordi Habas and his partner Oscar installed the KBA Rapida 105-4 PWVA as well as the other machines at location in Coruna.

Alva Nova was finally born and started end of 2016. Almost two years between the first idea in the pub or creating a new company and the startup passed by. Knowing that buying second hand is often inspired by a direct need for more capacity and production as receiving extra orders, this is the opposite example. For Mekes ES as well as for Mekes NL it was a “demanding” project with the feeling of never starting. Patience was needed.

Finally we are happy and proud that we could participate to this initiative staring from nothing and without a strong financial bases. It was not easy to support the idea and besides Alva Nova as our company had to keep the believe and, moreover, also the machines and the related finances, at side.

We wish the company and the three partners from Alva Nova in Coruna Spain a successful continuation… and maybe one day we can be partner again for extension of the activities.