Hiep hiep hoera!

As we say in the Netherlands (or hip hip hooray in English).
Today, on the 13th of November, we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Mekes Graphic Machinery!

Even though Covid-19 virus is putting the celebrations off, we would not want this day to pass by without a small moment. Therefore, we would like to express a word of gratitude:

We are thankful for all our customers who have done business with us over the past years.
We are so proud of all the projects we’ve done. From Dokkum to Maastricht, from Ireland to the Ukraine, from Finland to the south of Spain, from Italy to Spain, from the United Kingdom to Spain, from Egypt to South-Afrika, from the coast of the USA all the way to China…

We’ve taken care of graphic machinery in so many places in so countries,
not many people will be able to say the same!

“Without all of you, customers, partners, colleague dealers, transport agencies, expedition members, technicians and especially my team, we would not be here today. Saying this, fulfils me with pride. Thank you for everything and we look forward to working with you again in the future!” said Ronald Mekes, CEO of Mekes Graphic Machinery.

“The best thing about memories.. is making them!”