Several years back we had a visitor from Mauritius who came over especially to have a closer look, to inspect a Horizon collator, offered by our company for an amount of 3.000 Euro. With all respect, but in our option it was a long way and an expensive trip for this amount of investment.

At Mekes we respect and treat every potential customer in the same way. We installed recently some KBA’s type 162 and other Muller Martini Acoro’s for a large amount of money on the other side of the world but we don’t forget that the development of our company was based on windmills, letterpresses and other GTO’s delivered and installed at local printers. It is a human as well as a cultural attitude from our company to give our best attention to every demand and every sales project.

That time we invited our guest from Mauritius to have dinner. During our conversation I could find a man with great respect for the world in general and his fellowman in particular.
Often our opinion about the population of a nation is based on what we could read, or what we can hear or a resident we have met before. This visitor was my reference for a country named Mauritius, 1800 km east of Africa.

Knowing Mauritius is about 4 hours ahead in time – working after closing time in the office – you are surprised to get a phone call in the evening from somebody announcing himself as a resident from that island. You try to create an image by the voice you hear on the phone, remembering the only man from Mauritius you have met before coming with a long beard, dressed in a traditional outfit with the combined appearance of an African and an Indian.

PeeXee is the name of the company and the ambition is to have the first four color printing press in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. The question is; can we help to make this dream come true. The answer was “yes we can try” which we could confirm some weeks later as “yes we can”.

It was not difficult to find an engineer willing to travel and to install a Heidelberg Speedmaster 52-5-P as well as a Stahl folder in Mauritius. When we told that Mauritius had a tropical climate with two seasons and a mean temperature between 20 and 27 degrees Celsius and that the island is surrounded by more than 150 km of white sandy beaches and coral reefs, more than one technician was willing to go.

Finally the choice of the engineering was determined by the language. As the Creole language, derived from mainly French, is spoken by the majority of the population in Mauritius, it was PeeXee’s wish for a French language engineer to be at side.

The first photo we received from our engineer was the blessing by the local priest of the container at arrival, when opening, in order to protect the printing press against evil spirits.

We never asked PeeXee the motivation, the reason to phone Mekes Graphic Machines in the Netherlands. Maybe he remembered from his history lessons in school that in 1598 a Dutch squadron under admiral Wybrand van Warwijck landed at Grand Port and named the island Mauritius, in honor of Prince Maurice of Nassau, stadtholder of the Dutch Republic.

Or more likely he just could find us on internet.