Last year we sold, dismantled and transported a Komori LS 440 SP to Asia. It is a special printing press, a so called 4 colour two-sided printing in one pass without perfecting. We thought it was a once in a lifetime time unique operation as this type of press has not been exported by Komori Japan to Europe for about 10 years now…

However an identical press, a few years older, being a Komori model Lithrone S as well, has been presented to our company in order to trade in. Knowing the whereabouts, what and how, based on the previous experiences, we have come to an agreement quite fast.

Getting the machine, however, was not the easiest.

In order to move the machine into the building, a wall had been demolished and rebuilt again when the machine entered as new in 2006. The printer was prepared to be moved once more, to move the machine out of the building. By making a wooden skeleton copy of our gantry, we found out that it was possible for the machine to arrive at our side. After locally finding a steering forklift, we managed to bring out even the heavy units through a labyrinth of routes to get out. Sometimes it was a matter of mere millimetres.

Yet again, we are in contact with different companies around Europe to purchase a Komori LS 440 and a 540 Super Perfector from Komori. We are slowly becoming strong experts in these models.

Please have a closer look at our video compilation. It shows you the process of dismanteling, preparing and loading the Komori LS 440 SP done by our specialists.