A long-term relation from Mekes Graphic Machinery, had the desire to replace their perfect binders with new production lines. We were invited to come over for an inspection on site. One line was a Muller Martini Corona C15 S 41 perfect binder built in 2010. The other line consists of a Muller Martini Corona CC12-22 perfect binder which was built in 2001.

As the bookbinder wanted to sell the machine on short term, they wanted a reliable, financially strong partner who could pay and dismantle on the agreed time. As this fits the Mekes strategy perfectly, we could swiftly come to an agreement. Plans were made soon after to dismantle both lines latest in April.

In the meantime, we could find two customers who were in need of a perfect binding line. One of our trusted customers in China bought the Muller Martini Corona CC12-22 from 2001. A few weeks later, the other Muller Martini Corona C15 S 41 from 2010 was sold as well to one of our clients in Hong Kong. This would mean, the two sister lines would each go their own way.

Like with the buying process, both perfect binders were sold on trust relationships. Deal was made by live WhatsApp video-call on site in Belgium. Thanks to our Dutch technicians to get this job done in professional way.

The vessels with the containers have recently arrived at the harbours. Soon the Muller Martini Corona perfect binding lines will be installed, up and running.

We wish our customers many successful production runs.