Our history

In 1984, right after his formal education in graphic arts, Ronald Mekes started working in his father’s business trading graphic art machines. One year later, in 1985, Ronald was encouraged by his father to start his own company. Together with his wife Edith, they founded their own company: Grafische Handelsonderneming Ronald Mekes B.V.


Mekes main office Netherlands

Mekes Netherlands

Working hard from the start, resulted in success from the beginning. As the company grew fast, more space was needed. In 1994 the company moved to the current location at Venneveld 1 in Roosendaal. The modern buildings – comprising more than 7.000 sq meters of offices, workshops and warehouses – were completely adapted to the needs of Mekes and their customers.
Today, over 25 people work at this location and contribute to the success of our business.


Our sales team

Ronny Wouwermans has over 40 years’ experience in the printing industry. He started his career as a factory manager in a web printer with own finishing department. Later he worked many years for Havalange Bonte, the Belgium MAN Roland and Ryobi distributor. Ronny is known for his excellent product knowledge and can consult any customer to the best suitable solution. Since 2007, Ronny is responsible at Mekes for buying and selling worldwide used offset printing presses.

Leon Lagrand started in 1995 at EGS Euro Graphic Services as a salesman for new and used bindery equipment in the Netherlands. With a great knowledge of the bookbindery process, he grew up to be the worldwide sales director bindery machines. Since 2012, Leon is responsible for the used bindery machines at Mekes.

Expanding abroad

Mekes Graphic Machinery has offices and partnerships all around the world. We’re active throughout Europa with partnerships for example in Germany, France and Slovenia. Futhermore, Mekes has opened offices in Spain, Italy and recently also in the United Kingdom. Outside of Europe, Mekes Graphic Machinery has strong partners in the United States of America, India, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Mekes Spain was opened in 2011, with Mr. Marc Canals as head of Mekes Maquinaria Grafica S.L., situated in Barcelona. Not only the office España is situated in Barcelona, Mekes Spain also has access to their own workshop where our mechanics dismantle, install and maintain graphic machinery.


In Milano, Italy, Mekes Italy S.R.L. was opened in 2016. Togheter with Mr. Claudio Scotto, Mekes Graphic Machinery strenghtens their position in Italy. Claudio Scotto has over 25 years  experience in the Italian graphic industry and was previously active as sales and productmanager for postpress equipment at Muller Martini Italy.


In 2019, Mekes is expanding their operations to the United Kingdom as Mekes UK emerged, due to expanding markets in Great Britain. Via a new collaboration with Mr. Richard Dance, who will be director of sales of Mekes UK. Richard Dance has many years’ experience with graphic machinery. He started working as a mechanic at Harris Graphics, followed by joining Muller Martini in the role of sales manager for the UK for over 20 years. We are proud of Richard joining the team.